Average Self-Esteem and Hoodies


Recent meet up at Lunacy Brewing


What is Average Self-Esteem and Hoodies?

This group began out of desire for community-building. We are curious individuals who regularly gather to discuss spiritual matters, ideals, and concepts. Being a witch isn't a requirement, but we do affectionately refer to our group as a coven, and our focus items tend toward the vaguely witchy and pagan realms. 

We welcome all religions and spiritual truth-seekers, all sexual orientations, genders, expressions, ALL - your opinions are valid and you are safe with us as long as you remain respectful to everyone else in the group.

If you're into tarot and/or brunch and/or crafting (literal and magical), and/or general nature-loving shenanigans, and especially the moon - we may be your people. <3



live our most authentic lives

accept responsibility of education

laugh irreverently

seek awareness and demand justice for those unheard and misrepresented

practice gratitude

crate a safe space for all

support curiosity